wisen Service Policy


Service Policy

 Wisen provides management search services across all functions and industries:

  • Accouting, Finance & Banking
  • General Management
  • Sales & Marketing
  • HR, Administration
  • Purchasing, Logistics & supply Chain
  • Engineering, Chemistry, Food Technology
  • Petrochemical, Automotive as well as Manufacturing
  • Professional & Business Service
  • Legal, Secretary , Interpreter
  • Foriegn language professional (French, Japanese, Mandarin)


Our searching service is to do best assist our clients in recruiting, evaluating and selecting the most suitable personnel as per their requirements.


Our service reaches accomplishment when any candidates in our shortlist we have submitted to you is selected and employed by your company.

Fee and Billing Arrangement

For successful candidates, we will bill client when candidate is employed and shows on start working date. In case you arenot able to select from our recommences, or we are unable to supply you acceptable candidates, any service fee and out-of-pocket expenses will not be billed.

Guarantee Period

Should the candidate you have selected leave your employment on/before end of 90th date, we will submit another candidate shortlist at no extra charges.  In case we can not replace for such position, the fees will be refunded proportionately.

Partnership Liaison

Partnership liaison is a fundamental part of our client care policy as we believe in getting to know our client precisely and in-depth, so that we understand exactly what you are looking for, you needs, your goals and how we can best serve our clients.


We are committed to giving you honest and objective advice on crucial issues such as the competitiveness of salaries, a realistics timetable for recruiting the right person and possible availability of suitable candidates.

Respect for candidates

Candidates are treated with respect and sensitivity at every stage throughout our project and confidentiality is of the utmost importance to our ooperations and policies.